ExamView on OS X Lion

Thank you, Julie for getting me running with ExamView on Mac OS X Lion! The short of it: snag ExamView version 7.51 and install on your Lion machine. I’m returning to Mac mountain after many years in Windows world and Linux land (remember OS 8?). Relearning things as simple as keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+SHIFT+Q nearly gave me […]

Dynamicality in ExamView

Check this: ExamView dynamic questions can have dynamic answers. Thank you bobf, the forum guy for pointing out that the word “answer” is reserved in ExamView. It will change the answer to your question. My question goes something like this: I want to make this into 3 different questions, asking also about converse or inverse. Here […]

Furthering the ExamView Love

ExamView, also known as the textbook’s question bank, is currently rocking my world. It started a few months back when I picked up on something David Cox said. Rather than tell you, let me show you. Yawn. Except, that question is dynamic. “What?” you say. I just click this little calculator button and… …all the […]

Favorite Moodle Uses

Timon Piccini recently asked for some feedback on Moodle because his district’s moving to it for online course management. You can find tons of Moodle tutorials and articles online. I want to do something new: share with you my favorite uses for Moodle. #5 Pages Can Look Nice Lots of former users at my school like […]

Math Question Banks from New York

Recently googled: JMAP ExamView Question Banks of NY Regents math exams…going back to 1890! Oh, and I go back to work on Tuesday, to a building with 50% more students than in May, to the year my classes’ English Learner population should tip 50%, probably to “float” into other teachers’ classrooms, to teach physics!, to […]