Favorite Moodle Uses

Timon Piccini recently asked for some feedback on Moodle because his district’s moving to it for online course management. You can find tons of Moodle tutorials and articles online. I want to do something new: share with you my favorite uses for Moodle. #5 Pages Can Look Nice Lots of former users at my school like […]

Moodle Love Letter #3: Embedding Web Pages

My Moodle journey has recently been accelerated because I took over administrative duties for my school’s Moodle server. Last year, my primary use involved the assessment engine. Now I’m branching out and upgrading (to 2.5) to use Moodle as my class website. Here’s one feature a colleague figured out: And how I did that effect: […]

A Day Playing with WebAssign

Here’s what I learned from a day writing questions in WebAssign — I’m a fan of its randomized question-writing engine. It’s quite flexible and can do just about everything I want with the feature. As a long-time Moodle fan, I think I’ve been convinced to make the switch to WebAssign. Lemme show you some of the stuff I […]

Getting Work Done When You Really Want to Goof Off

I struggle to get started on work, which means everything takes forever to accomplish. Here are two requirements I need for focus: I. Get started working by getting off Facebook/reddit/Twitter/whatever. Get yourself some personal Web Blocking Software (something that’s configurable to times, days, and sites blocked). I’ve been using StayFocusd for a number of years: […]

Open-Internet Quizzes

All my quizzes are open-internet* AND students may reattempt quizzes if they think they can do better. Yesterday, I was cruising around the room and saw this on a kid’s screen: I figure one of two things is happening here: kid has zero idea how to find the problem and is searching for a howto […]