More on Physics of Superheroes

My physics class has 2 awesome things going on this week. First, our unit on energy is ending with presentations of the superheroes the students have invented to demonstrate kinetic, potential, conservation of energy, momentum, impulse, and heat transfer. Pictures are coming, I promise! Second, we’re diving into kinematics — my favorite topic in high […]

Physics of Superheroes

Dr. James Kakalios, author of The Physics of Superheroes has inspired me to frame an entire high school physics course around Superman, Spider-Man, The Flash and their other buddies. Here’s a little taste of the kind of science we’ll be learning: I’m outlining the course now to align with state physics standards. The biggest challenge […]

Superheroes in my Physics Class

I am SO looking forward to developing my physics class for the upcoming year. And after seeing “The Incredible Hulk” this weekend, I’m all the more eager to get to work. There are so many great physics examples that can be pulled from the recent comic book movies. Superman, Spider-Man, The Hulk, and even The […]

Physics Day @ Six Flags

I’m taking my students to Six Flags for Physics Day. It’s April 24 in Georgia. If you’re outside of Georgia, know that Six Flags parks all over the country host similar outings in the spring. Because we’ve been studying the Physics of Superheroes, our trip to Six Flags is extra special. Students will (in addition […]

Superhero Physics Class Highlighted

Watch my physics class highlighted on 11 Alive news. I teach physics AND love superheroes. My mash-up? My Superheroes Physics class. The class is an absolute blast to teach! This past week, I was fortunate enough to be spotlighted on the local news in their education segment. 11 Alive in Atlanta filmed and highlighted my […]

Crayon Physics Simulates Real World

Where Real=”looking as if it were drawn by a small child with a fat Crayola” AND Real=”behaving according to the Newtonian physics we all adore” Crayon Physics Deluxe, currently in development for the PC. I had the honor of teaching a physics class last year and think it was a Top 5 course in my […]

Parent Letter 2015-16

Hey there friends! I need advice from y’all: What would you say to parents in an introductory letter? My students are high school freshmen. My pain:¬†I won’t meet parents until¬†Parent Rotation Night in September (about three weeks into school) at which time I get 10 minutes with an entire class’ set of parents. I’m supposed […]

Hockey Puck Ninja Problem

My colleague is obsessed with ninjas in the same way I’m obsessed with superheroes. Whenever she gives her kids a challenging problem, she calls it a Ninja Problem. Students who gain ninja status in her class basically earn bragging rights. My first Ninja Problem went like this: “Is it possible to knock the goalie back […]

Doing Whatever a Spider Can

a scientific paper on the most unscientific of topics Do you remember this scene from Spider-Man 2 (2004)? A NYC subway train hurtles toward imminent doom, unless Spidey can stop it. Is it plausible for spider silk to stop a moving subway train? Suppose a man bitten by a genetically enhanced (or irradiated, depending on […]