On mortality

Over the winter break, Rachel spent a great deal of time with her grandmother on my side of the family. Conversations are always entertaining but I think this takes the cake (for now).

Rachel: “Mom Mom, if you could choose how you were going to die, what would you choose?”

Mom Mom: (silence)

I suspect Rachel’s mind was jogged by the ever-present cigarette in Mom Mom’s mouth.

Safe and sound

Rachel spent Thanksgiving week with her father in New York. Rumor has it she ate a cheeseburger for Thanksgiving dinner.

Dad, is this true?

She arrived back around 10pm last night, full of pep and stories about her trip. I’m certain she had a wonderful time.

We now have three weeks of school, then two weeks Winter Holiday vacation time.

Driving to Nevada?

Rachel and I have concocted this crazy plan to drive across the country this summer*. The original idea was two weeks on the road, driving out west and back.

I’m mostly taking Rachel’s suggestions for places to go, but it’s hard when she suggests Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Nevada. And here I was thinking we’d drive the northern route and see Montana. Clearly we have some decisions to make.

* if she opts to go to sleep away camp, we’ll postpone the trip till next summer.