Rachel returned from Camp Barney last Thursday. Major points of interest include unit cheers (“Two four six eight…” stuff), the Bog (a mud pit), and crafts. I have also heard about “Fun With Noah”, pottery, swimming, and horseback riding. She tells me the camp day was broken into seven periods during which activities were held. Food was not a high point: Rachel tells me that the lack of ranch salad dressing was disappointing.

I got pictures all during camp, thanks to Camp Barney’s participation in a photo sharing site (called Bunk1). The photos are the property of Bunk1 and may not be reprinted or sold without their permission. View pictures of Rachel at Camp Barney.

She chose a trip to Dave & Buster’s (one of a string of fancy arcades) as her back-from-camp treat.

No sooner was she home then we went to Lake Oconee for the July 4 weekend. Rachel was thrilled to take along crafts she’d learned at Barney. She can now make a lizard keychain fob out of plastic beads and string as well as braid necklaces out of hemp.

Her next adventure is a month at Dad’s in the Washington DC area. Fortunately, she has a short break before heading out again.