Draw Diagrams Like Visio

I just signed up for a free account at Gliffy, which bills itself as a web based diagramming program that feels like desktop software. It works a lot like Visio.

Signup requires an email address, so I probably won’t use Gliffy with my middle school students — which is a shame. I continue to struggle with how to handle signups that require email addresses for my youngest students (approx. age 9). But that’s a separate issue.

On to features I like in Gliffy:

  • share a drawing with collaborators
  • publish drawings to the web easily
  • loads fast (it’s Flash based)

Below is a sample drawing I whipped up in about three minutes (and that includes the “publish to web” bit).
My Sample Gliffy Image

I bet that Google buys Gliffy to add to the Docs and Spreadsheets tools they already have.

One thought on “Draw Diagrams Like Visio

  1. Solving the email issue

    If your school has google apps gmail, set up a catch all email address, give each child a fictitious email address under your schools domain ie pupilname@myschool.com.

    The mail will be forwarded to the catchall account and your students will be able to complete the registration process. Quite a bit of work but has the desired effect.

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