Learning Curve is the school-focused home of Great Britain’s National Archives. I explored Crime and Punishment, pictured here. See the green, blue, and red tiles? Behind each is a question about Crime, Prevention, or Punishment for a given time period. Click on one and you’re taken to a details page that presents multiple case studies.

In each case study, students examine original source documents to answer questions (like a Web Quest). In my exploration, I read an 1825 letter from the Vicar of Nottingham where he expresses concern about crime in his city.

What age?
High school and possibly older middle school.

In my school, high school students would find this information readable without being juvenile. Beware, though: there’s a lot of reading here. Wandering attentions will make Learning Curve tough to stick with.

Learning Curve presents history (and not just Britain’s) via intriguing questions and quests. This is one Cool Website!