TagMindr is a really cool service: remind yourself on a specific day from any del.icio.us bookmark. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit TagMindr to subscribe to your personalized del.icio.us reminder feed.
  2. Use del.icio.us as usual, adding 2 special tags: “tagmindr” and “remind:YYYY-MM-DD”.
  3. Read your own del.icio.us reminder feed in your favorite newsreader. Updates will show up when the date in the remind: comes along.

[UPDATE: Here’s what my reminder looked like (it showed up on the appointed day, just as expected)]

(Thanks, Lifehacker!)

But how can I use this in my classroom?

This is where I enter stream-of-consciousness mode, cause I only learned of TagMinder minutes ago. I already have kids using a newsreader. Get them to subscribe to my TagMindr feed. Tag an interesting website to show up every class day. Better yet, line up a series of links to tell a story, make them show up once a day — like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs.

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