Let’s say you have a blog you want students to read. How do you get them there? Show them RSS readers and encourage them to subscribe? Hope they remember to visit the website regularly? Or, do you put the blog posts in a place where they visit already, say Facebook? I just discovered how to do that last item.

I can now pull my WordPress.com blog posts into my Facebook account. Check out the announcement at Your WordPress Is In My Facebook. I like it because I now automatically “advertise” new blog posts in my Facebook mini-feed.

Get the app here: WordPress.com Facebook App

My Facebook account is mostly about connecting with my students and I don’t currently blog with any of my classes. That means I have to imagine the power of linking a class blog to my Facebook. The students are already in Facebook (as opposed, say, to reading RSS or checking the blog directly), so they’d see posts without changing their routine.

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