Homework Reminders Via SMS

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Hidden triangle assignment

Are you or do you know of anyone using SMS (text) messaging with their classes? I’m interested in using it as a homework reminder.

I just signed up with Group2call, which lets me send 50 free messages a day. That’s plenty for me to bug remind my students to do their homework. I will be testing in the next week but according to the site, I can send email or SMS simultaneously — perfect for reaching the few students of mine who don’t have texting plans.

My plan is to assign homework in the usual way: write it on the board and ask the students to write it in their agendas. Then, I’ll experiment with the best time of evening to send a reminder text message.

By-the-by, I took an unintentional blogging hiatus because grad school has overwhelmed me. I have lots of advice piling up for anyone crazy enough to go to school while working full time!

(Photo by my geometry student, Erin. The assignment was to photograph a hidden triangle and upload the picture to my flickr photostream.

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