Dana Huff Highlighted on Slideshare

My friend and colleague, Dana Huff, has a presentation highlighted on Slideshare.net today! A huge congratulations to her for being recognized for a great slide deck.

“Using Blogs and Wikis for Professional Development” provides a wonderful introduction to more than just blogs and wikis. She also covers professional uses for Facebook and an addictive little tool called Twitter.

My friends at Georgia State (especially those in the IT class) should check this out. You can get great tips for using the web to keep you razor-sharp as a teacher.

3 thoughts on “Dana Huff Highlighted on Slideshare

  1. Thanks, Megan! I did this presentation at GCTE, and it was fun.

  2. follow me on Twitter-jfriesen and I will follow you back! I have not gotten used to looking at it very regularly, but I do consider you part of my Personal Learning Network and would like to be connected however.

  3. Dana: You’re welcome! I’ll bet it was a blast to deliver.

    Janice: Done and done. Speaking of Twitter, I took a group on a field trip today and we Twittered the entire thing. Keep an eye out for a new post where I describe how it worked.

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