“Hey look kids — it’s Trig Ben, Parliament!”

Here’s my first entry in Dan Meyer’s “What Can You Do With This?” meme.

The artifacts: Two photos taken from a tourist’s turn on the London Eye, one from eye-level with Big Ben and the other from well above the famous London landmark.

What meaty, mathy problems can you dream up out of these photos? Tune in next time for the questions my students asked (and answered).

4 thoughts on ““Hey look kids — it’s Trig Ben, Parliament!”

  1. Thanks for using my pics, though I’d probably not call myself a tourist, hehe. I’m actually from London. 🙂

  2. Nice View!!!
    I have always wanted to go there.

    Rachel Golding

  3. So what meaty, mathy problems/questions did the students ask and answer from these photos? I never saw the follow-up post. New to your blog, but already am enjoying it. Thanks.

  4. really enjoyed reading that thanx a lot

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