Get 4 rounds of Probability Trivia (PowerPoint | PDF). Set your Adobe Reader to scroll (View menu > Automatically Scroll or Shift + Ctrl + H). Put on music the kids might actually like. Then roam the room to help kids who struggle.

I’m not much at expounding, but if I had to list the benefits this little game has given me,

  • used days before a unit test, I can identify areas the whole class needs to work on
  • I have the freedom to work in very small groups with kids who struggle with a particular problem (because the game part kinda runs itself)
  • the teamwork aspect means that kids justify their work – I hear the best arguments from kids who know they solved the problem right but their teammates are being meatheads
  • the scrolling questions puts the kids under pressure to solve problems quickly

The question set covers counting principles (for number of outcomes), permutations & combinations, mutually exclusive events, dependent events, and conditional probabilities.

Bonus for Georgia teachers: this is Math 1, Unit 4 standards MM1D1 and MM1D2.

I wrote a full howto on Waterfall Trivia back in November.