I really don’t like going this deep inside the box to think…but my kids have to prepare for major standardized tests. With that caveat, I now present resources I like to prep students for the End of Course Test after Math 1 (9th grade math – algebra, geometry, & statistics).

First up: I like the Georgia DoE’s EOCT Math 1 Study Guide (PDF, free). The 130 pages in this guide has re-teaching alongside practice problems. In my experience, the problems in this book do a great job illustrating how hard the EOCT will be. Here’s a clip from the statistics unit we recently completed:

Second up: the Released Items booklet is helpful for teacher planning. I use it to see sample problems from last year’s test & inform my quiz and test writing. Unfortunately, I realize now that the EOCT relies on at least passing knowledge of the state-authored tasks. Here’s an example:

Fellow math teachers – what EOCT resources do you like?