Superhero Physics – Deadpool & Momentum

File me under examples of the Conservation of Momentum cause this beats the heck out of pool table physics: Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) slices a bullet with his sword — and kills 2 gunmen with the pieces. I found this gem approximately 13 minutes into the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).

Here comes the pure awesome moment: the bullet halves kill those two gunmen behind Deadpool.

Momentum is conserved. Sweet.

I owe a huge debt to Dr. James Kakalios for the inspiration to teach physics via superhero examples. His book, The Physics of Superheroes, changed my teaching.

Georgia Performance Standards: (Physics) SP3. Students will evaluate the forms and transformations of energy. c. Measure and calculate the vector nature of momentum. e. Demonstrate the factors required to produce a change in momentum.

2 thoughts on “Superhero Physics – Deadpool & Momentum

  1. Now that’s a sharp (& strong) sword. You could also use that clip to figure out what Deadpool’s reaction time is, right? (assuming you know how far away the shooter was standing)

  2. @Ben — yes! When you watch the clip at full speed, Deadpool is swinging his sword at some amazing rate I don’t even want to guess at. I’m giving him his miracle exemption as a superhero to swing the sword fast enough to *know* he’ll hit the bullet.

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