My school has two types of teachers: those with their own rooms and floaters. The floater is a teacher with no room of her own. She moves every class period to a new classroom, annoying the crap out of the teacher whose room she visits because that teacher is trying desperately to relax plan.

I think I’m going to be a floater.

Which really sucks because I have this guy with no place to put him:

What advice do you have for me?

Stuff I am worried about:

  1. Feeling discombobulated as I rush into a room to get set up in time for the kids.
  2. Feeling like a guest all the time.
  3. I will have a desk in one of the classrooms I float into. During my planning, that room will be in use. See #2.
  4. How can I not use the rolling cart that makes teachers look like bag ladies? That is, how can I cleverly avoid carrying my crap around all day?
  5. Dealing with the mess other teachers leave. I keep a tidy classroom. Some of my colleagues, less so.

How have you seen it done well? What pitfalls do I need to avoid?