Use case: kid encounters a tough question on Moodle homework. I want to give them some help but only if they need it.


Catalogued here for my future reference.

Oh, you actually want to know more about these pictures? Pictured is a homework/quiz/test question from Moodle, an open source course management system. Specifically, it’s a Calculated Question, meaning all the numbers in the problem could be regenerated for each kid or each attempt. If you look at the fourth gallery photo, you’ll see what it takes to write solutions in this system.

Wasn’t really the reason for these posts, but you may also find it interesting that these Calculated Questions allow partial credit answers. I write formulae to common mistakes and choose the portion of credit I want awarded. On this problem, for instance, the kids might forget to calculate speed of sound at the given temperature and might instead use the speed of sound at room temperature.

The whole Moodle system is pretty amazing, actually. Many thanks to my new colleague Meghan Bjork for introducing me to it.