Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.32.04 AMMy school year starts on Monday and I’m excited to bring the 180 blog back.

Last year, I fell prey to getting too busy to keep up with the habit so I figured out a solution I love over the summer school semester: take a picture, share it to Instagram tagged with #180blog, and let IFTTT send it over to WordPress. I wrote about the details in IFTTT Improves my Daily Blogging Habit.

Below are my top 3 favorite images from the last 12 months:

Day 49: Pneumatics Test Board

The students built this board to demonstrate how pneumatics work as part of our robotics team’s student-led training module. More than the picture or even the lesson, I’m most proud of the camaraderie among the kids who built the board.

Day 63: Can you light a bulb using a battery, one wire, and a bulb? Sketch your attempts.

This lesson is how I open electric circuits every year.

Day 55: Using candles when you run out of optics bench supplies

When I ran out of working light bulbs, two groups got candles. This flickering flame is the second coolest image ever captured on an index card — the tree outside our window wins every year.