Almost eight years ago, I was teaching a technology class to 6th graders — we dabbled in introductory programming, robotics, and debunking internet myths.

When the kids[1] saw the Household Hacker’s video “How to Build Hover Shoes“, they asked to give it a try. So I ordered the necessary materials and one kid donated a pair of shoes to the cause.

Soon after, we got to work — laying out the magnets, plugging in the soldering iron, locating a battery, a glue gun, and all. It didn’t take long before we were playing the sad trombone *wah, wah, wah*.

“Why Megan[2]? Did the internet lie to us?” they wanted to know. Looks like the Internet had given me the biggest teachable moment of my career!

The result was this charming video the kids wrote and produced themselves.

So, to Ryan, Peter, and Stephanos — I’m proud of y’all and I hope you’ve stayed curious.

[1] The school was tiny, and so was this class — just three kids.

[2] And it was also the kind of school where kids call teachers by their first names.