Literature Class Publishes to the Web

Thanks to Will Richardson at Weblogg-ed, I learned that Turn Homeward, Hannalee by Patricia Beatty was recently studied by fifth graders Woodward Academy in Atlanta and the Turn Homeward, Hannalee wiki study site was written by the students.

It’s a wonderful use of a wiki for a classroom project and (bonus!) of great local interest to my school because we’re located in Roswell, where the story is set.

By my reading, the wiki is merely a presentation framework that’s wrapped around an awesome interdisciplinary project. The students clearly studied the history of the Civil War in the Atlanta region, analyzed the literature, and used multi-sensory techniques to explore the novel (including a field trip to the ruins of a Civil War-era mill, drama, and storytelling). The wiki let the students and their teachers tell the world what they’d studied.

As an outsider visiting the site, I was able to learn about the life of a mill worker, see artifacts from Civil War-era mills, and learn about a wonderful novel. The students effectively acted as teachers.

2 thoughts on “Literature Class Publishes to the Web

  1. Megan –
    Thank you for your post and for clearly taking the time to explore the entirety of our project. Our hope was to guide students to give life to Hannalee beyond the walls of the classroom. They will be thrilled to learn that students in Roswell may be learning from their work.

  2. Shelly, I remain impressed with the wiki, even after reviewing it several times. Your students are great writers and you engaged them in many ways (loved the powerpoint “museum exhibit”, for example)


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