Dr. Altman is a physics teacher who solves problems and posts the videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video on a WordPress blog but here’s a link: Dr. Altman AP Physics video. What struck me about this video (like the 57 others posted by the good doctor) were the comments:

sheilamc43 (3 months ago)

Wish he would put problem up for people who do not have book. I realize video is for his own students, but there are a few people interesting in learning from a good teacher such as this guy.


Starcross42 (3 months ago)

youtube only allows me a limited time for each video. I will try and have ‘complete’ problems from now on. Perhaps only one problem per video. Thanks for the kind works.

People are learning physics on YouTube! My physics class blog has been missing this important component: I’ve sporadically posted homework solutions but they don’t sing to my auditory learners. A paper solution doesn’t efficiently show the steps to solve. It doesn’t teach. Thank you for the idea, Dr. Altman!