My school was notified this week that we’d won the Best Buy Teach Award for $2,500. It’s a great honor to the students to have their program recognized. The award will fund Geeks Get IT Done to build several computers for needy people in the community surrounding our private school.

Geeks Get IT Done is a business run out of my classroom that employs students to build and repair computers for customers. The students are also working toward their A+ technician certification, so I use the hands-on repair as a living lab for the class. In the last month, they’ve repaired a half-dozen of the school’s computers and fixed about four paying customers’ machines. Our most difficult repair came about two weeks ago when a customer’s CPU fan had burned out AND the system stopped booting. David diagnosed the problem, ordered a replacement fan, and set about cloning the hard drive so he could fix the problem. He remained in regular contact with the customer and returned her working computer in just a few days. Here is the feedback from our customer:

Thanks for checking up on my computer. The computer is actually
performing very well and yes it is faster than before. I would like to
state for the record that you did an outstanding job. I will be referring
people to you.

The kids are incredibly energized by the award — this is well-earned recognition for a group of talented students.

Have a computer you want them to look at? Contact Geeks Get IT Done at <geeksATchrysalisexpDOTorg>.