As internet phenomena go, lolcats is generally safe for school. The idea: take a cute kitty picture, add a cat-talk caption in a large bold font, then submit to I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER. For example:

LOLcat syntax could be the perfect vehicle for grammar lessons. LOLcat grammar tips provide lots of teaching moments. Check out the grammar possibilities in this list of “how to speak kitteh”:

1) Mis-decline verbs, especially misuse the verb “to be”
2) Misuse gerunds
3) Overuse prepositional phrases
4) Blatant rearrangement of syntax
5) Incorrect plurals and past-tense verbs
6) “noun” your adjectives. (For instance, the adjective “blue” can become the noun “blueness”)
7) Improper pronouns
8 ) Drop the articles (”a”, “and”, “the”) in favor of adding “-age” to the end of a noun
9) Use “younger” words (”kitty” versus “cat”, “fuzzy” versus “furry”, etc.)
10) Use the word “with” inappropriately.

Oh hai! You like make lolcats now? K thanx bai!