While listening to Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing podcast, I learned about the chance to submit essays to This I Believe. Selected essays are read by their authors on NPR.

I’ve heard the NPR program a few times and have been really moved by several of the essays. When I visited the NPR This I Believe site, I learned that the program is based on a 1950s radio show by Edward R. Murrow. Everyday Americans write about the principles that guide their daily lives. A good number of celebrities have written, as well.

This I Believe, Inc. is the organization that runs the essay program. I think it’s cool that they’re reaching out to teachers with This I Believe in the Classroom. I think this could be a really cool project for a high school writing class. Lots of our kids hold very strong opinions — TIB lets them express those opinions in a public way.