NECC Buzzword Bingo

So you’ve made your plans for seeing NECC this week. You’ve mapped out every workshop, lecture, poster, and Starbucks to visit while in Atlanta. But you’ve forgotten one thing: your bingo card.

To spice things up a bit, consider playing buzzword bingo along with me. Here’s how it works: Print out the following bingo card and carry it with you around NECC (or any other edtech event, for that matter). If you get 5 in a row, stand up and holler, “Bingo!” because you’ve just won.

Oh — and bingos from the exhibit hall floor don’t count — that’s too easy.

authentic learning win-win forces of change Second Life bleeding edge
web 2.0 social networking learning communities podcasting NCLB
formative assessments smart classroom differentiated instruction frameworks empower[ment]
lifelong learners redefining literacy pedagogy staff development authentic assessment
standards-based curriculum wiki leverage top down synergy

This buzzword bingo is based on the business version of the game and described on Wikipedia.

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  1. Hilarious!!


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