Lucie deLaBruere from St. Albans City School in rural Vermont. 11:00am Tuesday. Lucie also contributes to Infinite Thinking Machine.

Furl for research: it can export formatted Works Cited pages.

Teachers ask Lucie about social bookmarking, “so what?”

  • Work smarter not harder
  • Collective and collaborative knowledge
  • Wisdom of crowds
  • Redesign assignments for increased critical thinking

Lucie’s notes are available online at PBWiki.

Search a social bookmarking site instead of Google

Firefox has a delicious search utility (see image at right), which can make the search faster. I tried googling the term first, didn’t find what I wanted, then switched the search engine right there in Firefox — no retyping.

Find bookmarks by people like you

Pay attention to the other tags beneath the name of any search result. For example, in the search for free clip art, the first result has also been tagged as “graphics” and “design”. Look for people who tag things like you!

Use one account

Have a single class of students find and post to one account. This is how you can send them off to “do research”. The goal is to post relevant pages to the account.

An interesting little side effect: a page can be posted only once to a account. The first kid to tag it wins.

Have students highlight then bookmark

Highlighted text on a page automatically becomes the description text.

Students should tag with topic and their name

Let’s imagine you’ve got kids searching for information on alcohol abuse. Send them off on the web to search. When they tag, ask them to add their screenname to the tags they choose to add. I might tag something “pregnancy alcohol abuse megan”.

When you as a teacher go back in, you can “grade papers” online. Hit a kid’s tag and see everything he/she tagged.

Great session!

Lucie was an excellent presenter who moved at a great pace for me. I’d definitely hear her speak again.

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