It’s official — I’m a graduate student seeking a Masters of Arts in Teaching Secondary Mathematics. This week, I registered at Georgia State for the Spring semester and plotted the next 15-odd months of my education.

My courses:

  • EPSF7120, The Psychology of Learning and Learners
  • MATH6371, Modern Geometry
  • MATH6441, Modern Algebra

My goal, since starting teaching, has been to get certified. If school goes as planned, I’ll be holding a Masters-level certificate for the state of Georgia in May 2009!

Georgia State is located in downtown Atlanta and I live in the northern suburbs. Atlanta traffic is horrible, so getting downtown for night classes could have been a challenge. Fortunately, I live and work about a mile from access to MARTA, our transit system. I’m taking James up on his challenge to reduce the number of cars on Atlanta’s roads. I’ll be riding MARTA to school, as I did this week to my advisement meeting (when I snapped this photo).

Image: MARTA Train at Night Originally uploaded by mgolding