How do you end the semester at school?

Me? I take the chance to really clean up. My room collects dust like you wouldn’t believe, so the dust monsters are the first thing I attack. My routine includes the following:

  • Thoroughly clean the computers. Open the cases and remove dust, shake out keyboards, wipe down monitors and mice.
  • Organize cabling in the computer lab (aka, my classroom). During the semester, I’ve run new cables but not secured them, cables have come undone, and so on.
  • Clean off my bookshelf and re-evaluate its contents. Books I’m not using the next semester are put away.
  • Remove everything from the bulletin board and plan a new display for the first part of next semester.
  • Archive and delete files from the fileserver. You’d be amazed what cruft builds up on my shared server space in the course of a semester.

I enlist students to help with most of this. Especially opening computers and removing dust. The geekier types love this job!

What Will I Do With My Bulletin Board?

The board is empty, save for a background and border. How will I use it next semester? How can I keep it meaningful, current, & attractive? The brain is stormin’!