You Suck at Math

From xkcd, my favorite geeky webcomic:

And speaking of sucking in math, I dropped one math class (Modern Algebra) in my Masters program. Turns out I didn’t have a prerequisite. My remaining math, Modern Geometry, is fascinating! (Did I just say that…about a math class?!) But, here’s why: the class is small — about 15 students — and the teacher adjusts pace to our understanding.

For the record, the class is mostly women who DON’T suck at math.

3 thoughts on “You Suck at Math

  1. I love xkcd. And how true is that cartoon?

  2. This weekend I had to help a Middle School Friend with Algebra. It took me a while to figure it out and I could see how confusing it is.

    I remember doing pretty well at this and liking it because I could get the answers right, but I still don’t know WHY we do Quadratic equations????


  3. @Dana: I haven’t run into that attitude for real, but see it all the time as a joke. Heck, I’m often the one making it. 🙂 I think it rings true for a generation of women a little older than me.

    @Janice: Why do we learn any math? I like to imagine a good math problem as a Rubik’s cube — just sitting there waiting to be fiddled with.

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