Google Calendar has a great new feature I’m finding incredibly handy: SMS reminders. Put an event on your calendar and choose how long before the event you want it to send you a text message.

“Where do I set this magnificent feature up?” you might ask. Click on any event on your calendar, and you’ll get a view somewhat like the image below. I’ve blown up the Options section to show detail. See the SMS setting? Set that puppy then click Save.

SMS Reminers from Google Calendar

At the appointed time, a text message will arrive at your phone with the name and time of the event. Cool!

And it gets better. There are even MORE ways to interact with your calendar via SMS:

One possible gotcha if you’re suggesting this to students: Apparently, this Google Calendar-ey goodness doesn’t work with prepaid providers right now (as of June 9, 2008). Check supported mobile providers.