Handy Google Calendar Feature

Google Calendar has a great new feature I’m finding incredibly handy: SMS reminders. Put an event on your calendar and choose how long before the event you want it to send you a text message.

“Where do I set this magnificent feature up?” you might ask. Click on any event on your calendar, and you’ll get a view somewhat like the image below. I’ve blown up the Options section to show detail. See the SMS setting? Set that puppy then click Save.

SMS Reminers from Google Calendar

At the appointed time, a text message will arrive at your phone with the name and time of the event. Cool!

And it gets better. There are even MORE ways to interact with your calendar via SMS:

One possible gotcha if you’re suggesting this to students: Apparently, this Google Calendar-ey goodness doesn’t work with prepaid providers right now (as of June 9, 2008). Check supported mobile providers.

A new room for Rachel

Rachel and the twins made a big room switcheroo this summer. In the month she’s been in Maryland at Dad’s, I’ve repainted and bought new furniture (the dresser and nightstand are new). Well, the paint’s dry, the furniture’s stained, and everything’s moved in. Here are pictures of the finished room.

Rachel asked for pale purple walls. Turns out, it matches very nicely with the purple comforter she has!

We opted for an upright dresser because it was in stock at the furniture store. 🙂 But I felt better about buying what I percieved of as a men’s dresser when the salesman told us this type is becoming more popular because it takes up less floor space than the long, low women’s dressers.

Asking questions

Last Wednesday, we sat down with Sheryl’s family for the first night Passover seder. Nine year old Rachel and three six year olds were seated on the floor. An adult started off asking the kids all sorts of questions. Most were aimed at the six year old set.

After the third kids’ question, Rachel asks, “Why are you asking so many historical questions I’m not supposed to answer?”

Several puzzled looks later, we realized she meant “rhetorical“.