New Year, New School, New Tech

Since I last wrote here, I’ve moved to a large urban public school district in the metro-Atlanta area. My school, Clarkston High, has a very diverse population, including many refugees. While many details of my teaching day have changed, the biggest impact has been the Promethean board in my classroom.

To be sure, classes that are twice the size of those I taught at Chrysalis is a little change. As is the diversity of the population. Not to mention that I work with a collaborative special education teacher 2/3 of my day. But I keep coming back to using that Promethean board in the best way possible.

In the five days we’ve been in school, I already realize I’m using the board as a plain old LCD projector. I’m not the only math teacher wondering how to use the Promethean for all it can offer.

What awesome — and really interactive — materials do you know for the interactive white board? I’ve checked out Promethean Planet and SMART’s lesson plans.

Meanwhile, I’m off to lesson plan. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “New Year, New School, New Tech

  1. Thanks, Dana! My colleagues tell me to use SMART software with my Promethean because it’s better, so I’m guessing it transfers pretty well.

  2. Wow! That is some big change for you. So interesting. I am hoping to hear some of your observations on the change.

    Our school just got 7 SMARTBoards over the summer. With eMINTS I did a lot of training on SMARTBoards. but mainly about Elementary uses. Do you know about the Teachers Connecting Podcast and website? Check it out! It is fun to listen to and full of good ideas.

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