Can you help me make this into a 3 Acts problem? I was thinking some thing along these lines:

  • Act 1: movie clip of someone trying to crack a combination lock. I want to set up the question “how long will it take?”
  • Act 2: What are the rules for these combination locks? Maybe I could even be so lucky as to find these listed on a website with the number of permutations.
  • Act 3: Which lock will take longer to crack?*
* Interesting factoid: I started this idea with the extension, not the first act. That is, I knew I wanted to present my students with a permutations-of-a-lock problem. I spotted these two locks on a website. Then wondered if kids could tell me which was more secure. For those who have written 3 Acts problems, is this a typical workflow?

Standard schmandard…

Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) for Math: MM1D1b
MM1D1. Students will determine the number of outcomes related to a given event. b. Calculate and use simple permutations and combinations.