Thanks, Bowman Dickson (@bowmanimal), for Math Taboo! Whenever I tell my kids to give me a definition in their own words, I get some regurgitation of what I already said. No real understanding needed. Enter Math Taboo:

The idea of the real game is to get your partner to guess a word by describing without using any of the five taboo words, which are usually the first words that anyone would go to in a description. So the obvious math equivalent is to pick a term that you are throwing around in your class and get students to describe it without using their go-to math descriptors.

     Please go read the entire original post.

As someone who teaches courses made of 60% English Learners and 40% students who failed math last semester, I’m eager to put this game out there. My students may just enjoy this one.


Dude, I love the comment that students make the Taboo cards.