Thanks to @druinok for the shoutout and motivation to get going on this.

What questions do you have about using interactive notebooks (IN) in the math (or science) classroom? I’ll be presenting at Twitter Math Camp in July, so your questions will really help improve that presentation. And of course you know I’ll be publishing the results here.

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Modifying the Interactive Notebook from a science to math tool took some doing. There are definitely different concerns — for example, left page reflection is a different animal in mathematics. (Or maybe it isn’t and I’m really missing the point…)

Here’s one really cool page my kids and I made this year in our INs. It’s a foldable glued into the interactive notebook.

Interactive Notebook Foldable

Weird little side note: You may have seen me asking a lot about Evernote on twitter recently.

(you see, like that one)

My goal is to figure out a way cool way to integrate all the awesomeness about the web (linking, video, lolcats) and all the awesomeness of interactive notebooks and smoosh them together. Evernote may be the tool for that job.

Truth is, I’m not convinced online notebooks is the right way to go…that is, fully ditching the paper. So, I’ll be digging into it over the next few weeks to see what I can do with Evernote and interactive notebooks. Meantime, let’s continue to talk about the paper variety, mmmkay?

Didja submit your questions for the interactive notebooks yet? They’re not gonna submit themselves, so get to it:

–> Submit & vote on interactive notebook questions you have <–