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I teach math; that’s my job; I have no other responsibilities…. 

Kevin Laxton (@LaxtonMath) | A Beginner’s View of Math Education

So this week, for the new blogger initiative, I’m just going to post whatever I want! Boosh.

As it turns out, teaching math is not my only job responsibility. And in this case, that turns out to be a pretty cool thing.

It’s about problem solving

Pamela Rawson | rawsonmath

We had a great discussion about how different assumptions can lead to different, valid results.

I wanted to record how starting this year’s math classes was different from years past. Using problem solving to set the tone was a really good choice. This blog post will help me remember how things went when my colleagues and I next discuss problem solving. Sure it took up a whole class, but it was time well spent.

Having a rough day at school? Watch Taylor Mali

Pam Rissmann | PPerfect Squares

I am a big fan of former teacher Taylor Mali’s slam poetry.

Have you heard and seen Taylor Mali, the awesome slam poet who inspired 1000 followers to become teachers? He was a teacher for 9 years, and he dedicates much of his performances to the nobility and passion of teaching young people.

Class Participation

Mathaholic | Confessions of a Mathaholic

So I try to engage the students deliberately; when I call on them, I call on the ones who don’t volunteer answers.

This post is about the fact that I use Class Participation as 10% of the student’s grade, and why.

Ninja board – building positive class culture

Jimmy Pai (@PaiMath) | The Pai Intersect

It’s a Ninja Board.

Utilizing the Ninja Board idea to promote positive classroom culture and to promote curiousity. It has evolved from a simple idea to a very powerful and useful motivational tool in the classroom.

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