I offered at last night’s #globalmath meeting to share some of my favorite resources and had several takers in my email inbox this morning. Here’s what I shared:

First, there’s Welcome to the Mathtwitterblogosphere, which is meant as an introduction to folks who want to get involved in online PD with Twitter, blogging, and the like. After that, we did a Blogging Initiation . The participants’ RSS feeds are amazing resources. Julie even sorted the blogs by subject taught.

Last night, Justin shared a list of summer PD opportunities (it’s 2 years old, so buyer beware).

What are your interests within math? Of course, some of that will be dictated by your class assignments in the spring… However, here are my top 5 blogs that aren’t already “famous”:

  1. @approx_normal’s blog. Keywords: student teaching, statistics, games, hilarious.
  2. Julie Reulbach at I Speak Math. Keywords: middle school, games, organization.
  3. Timon, another #globalmath regular, blogs at Embrace the Drawing Board. Keywords: lessons, 3act problems, relevant.
  4. (Kristen) Fouss blogs at My Web 2.0 Journey. Keywords: precalculus, algebra 2, practical.
  5. Mr. Vaudrey is the creator of the famous Mullet Lesson writes at Mr. Vaudrey. Keywords: lessons, hilarious, practical.

There’s a lot out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Back off the consumption when it feels like too much — it’s totally ok to mark all Tweets and RSS feeds as “read” if it seems daunting.