What’s the Job You Didn’t Get?

If I hadn’t become a teacher, I would’ve liked to be a human-computer interaction (HCI) engineer. What would you have done if you hadn’t done what you do?

HCI isn’t too far from what I do for a living now — I think about how someone will come at a problem and predict how they might interact with it, then guide them along to a solution.

h/t to Colleague Eliot for the idea, computer scientist-slash-teacher who would’ve been an economist. Leave yours in the comments.

3 thoughts on “What’s the Job You Didn’t Get?

  1. Physical Therapist–but I didn’t even know what it was until late 20’s…

  2. Contemplated becoming a parole officer bc I wanted to make a difference in a kid’s life. Went the way of a teacher and hope I have made a difference in a kid’s life!!

  3. I think I would enjoy being a motion study expert, but it would be to teach everybody else how to be a motion study expert! Ha!

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