Book report results

Tuesday, Rachel turned in her most recent book report. She read Afternoon on the Amazon, a Magic Tree House book.

The amazing news is her grade: a 100%!

We’ve struggled with book reports this year. She wasn’t letting me help her and was doing all the work at the very last minute. After a poor grade on the previous report, Rachel finally consented to let me help proofread the report.

Her next book report will likely be on Double Fudge by Judy Blume.

Quiet dinner at home

Whose life isn’t hectic? To relieve the stress, I tried something new with Rachel last night. We sat down at dinner with our calendars (hers is a school-mandated agenda with homework assignments). Dinner discussion was about “tomorrow”. We even went so far as to talk about appropriate clothes for the next day’s activities.

After dinner, we were relaxed. This morning, getting dressed was easy. Stress just disappeared. Dinner was the perfect time for Rach and I to talk through our plans for the next day.

I doubt the idea scales to larger families. And it may not even be managable for the longer term with just us. I’m giving it a try, though and will keep you posted.

Workin’ on bikes

Our bikes live on a porch, open to the weather. Over the last six months, they’ve begun to take a beating. Rachel’s bike is about a year old and rust is starting to appear around the fasteners holding it together.

Today we took the first step to keeping the bikes in good working order: cleaning and oiling the chains. It was Rachel’s first time using an oil can and she did a bang-up job! Her chain is well-lubricated. She’s circling the neighborhood right now 🙂

Breaking physics laws

When under influence of earth’s gravitational acceleration, my child has a weight of about 70 pounds. How is it, then, that her apparent weight doubles when under the influence of my bed’s gravitational acceleration?

Last night, Rachel fell asleep in my bed. When I was ready to fall asleep, I found her taking up nearly the entire bed. I leaned in with a shoulder to slide her across to the other side but couldn’t make her budge. It was as if she had doubled her weight.

I know its not possible but for the life of me can’t explain why making a sleeping child budge is nearly impossible.

One Halloween night

We kinda skipped Halloween this year. It’s not that I started out with that intent — it happened as a consequence of our tight schedule yesterday.

We started our day at Hebrew school Sunday morning (9:30 to 12:30). Rachel doesn’t talk much about what she learns, but I know there are lessons in Hebrew, art activities, and discussions of Jewish values. A few weeks ago, she came home with a homework sheet — copying ani (me), anachnu (we), and so on. I was surprised to see her teachers are working on block printing instead of script. Hebrew script is like cursive English but more so. The characters are often significantly different.

Lunch at home.

Then off to the symphony. The show included “Star Wars”, “Superman”, and “Harry Potter” themes. Rach and her friend were more interested in the ballet dancers accompanying the music.

After symphony, we headed home and met up for dinner. Rach took a friend to symphony and her mother stayed to eat veggie corn dogs. (Yum, though I didn’t expect to like it so much.)

Somewhere between symphony and dinner Rach realized there would be no trick or treating for her. We never made/bought a costume. We live in an apartment. We had friends over for dinner (friends who don’t Halloween, incidentally). Too many reasons. Her only concern? How would she get candy if not by trick-or-treating. I think she forgot about it by the intermission of Sound of Music, which she watched after dinner.