Today’s Easter and Rachel has little concept of what that means.

Last week, she asked if this was the holiday where “those people put that guy on the tree”. Religious sensitivity aside, I realized that she’s never had cause to learn what the holiday is about. It’s important she understand because my family is Christian. She should know why her Uncle Lehr, Aunt Nicole and Mom Mom observe this holiday.

I explained to her that Easter is about the death and resurrection of Jesus. She wanted to know why there’s a bunny and eggs associated with the holiday. “What do they have to do with Jesus?” she wanted to know. I was at a loss. Then I realized I could take it in the symbolism-for-rebirth direction. Turns out that doesn’t sit easily with an eight year old.

On a related note, Kroger was packed this afternoon. We always grocery shop on Sunday afternoons. Our Kroger is in a heavily Jewish section of town, so we have a nice selection of kosher meats available. But today, with half the grocery stores in town closed for Easter, the Kosher Kroger was quite crowded.