It’s Sukkot!

Sukkot started this past Friday night and runs through next weekend. We finished the sukkah on Saturday morning, just in time to eat lunch inside — complete with sweatshirts. In the last week, we’ve been fortunate that the weather has cooled off, so it’s sweatshirts in the sukkah for us. This afternoon, the kids added decorations that include a blow-up globe chandelier and miles of paper chains.

Here’s a picture of the sukkah:

In Front of the Completed Sukkah
Pictured: All of our clans plus neighborhood kids Faith and Daniel.

More about Sukkot: Wikipedia:Sukkot and a cholent recipe, traditional Sukkot fare.

Used book sale bargains

The Brandeis University National Women’s Committee holds an annual used book sale in the Toco Hills neighborhood near our apartment. We visited the big tent last night and came home with some great deals.

Their selection of Jewish books is always great, so that’s what I hit first. Rach went to the kids’ books. She found about five books, mostly from series written for kids her age. With a $6 spending limit, Rach effectively was able to get all the books she wanted (and she still came in under her limit). She also lobbied for me to buy her a Hebrew workbook, “to practice, Mom.” I also picked up a Hebrew story book for English speaking kids learning the language.

Happy Passover

This past Saturday, April 23, we held the first seder for Pesach/Passover. Rachel did a wonderful job reading the four questions in English. She asked why is this night different from all other nights, why we eat only matzah but not bread, why we dip our herbs twice, and why we eat while reclined. has a great article about the four questions, titled Ma Nishtana (“The Four Questions”).

Before the seder, she was a huge help in cleaning for Pesach.

Holy museum exhibit, Batman!

Sunday school met at The Bremen, Atlanta’s Jewish museum, to see its exhibit about The Golden Age of Comic Books. Wow!

I think Rachel’s favorite part was when she tried her hand at drawing a comic book villain. She also participated in a scavenger hunt to find artifacts on display.

Afterwards, it was the museum gift shop that captured her attention most. She “needed” nearly everything there.