Rachel’s favorite soccer position

This story was retold to me by Mom-Mom, Rachel’s maternal grandmother:

I was talking with Rachel just before her Sunday soccer game when I asked her what position she would play that day. Did she want to play center forward? Right wing? Maybe even defense?

She said she wanted to play the “In the Car, Taking a Nap” position.

Perhaps it’s redundant to write, but Rachel has said she doesn’t want to continue playing soccer after this season ends in a few weeks. She has expressed an interest in softball, though.


Our last soccer game was called on account of rain. The team is holding an end-of-season party at a local pizza parlor, so we will see all the girls together one last time. That’s great because Rachel made some great friends this season.

My favorite bit about coaching the more religious girls in a Jewish soccer league? Rachel had built-in Hebrew tutors on Sunday afternoons. Two 6 year-olds helped her with Hebrew pronouns (“he” means “she”) one day!

The worst part? Competitiveness. Is there a U8 league left where the kids are out there just to have fun and develop skills?

But my favorite quote from the season comes from my mom after attending a game: “When you played at the Y, the teams were sponsored by Joe’s Garage or Bob’s Bike Shop. Here, the teams are sponsored by Trial Attorneys and Plastic Surgeons.”