Somehow the Twitter math teacher universe has come to know me for my use of interactive notebooks (really not sure how that happened). Giving credit where credit is due, I need y’all to know I was inspired by my colleague, Jennifer Marshall, who taught me 90% of what I know.

Last week, we spent two hours at a coffee shop brainstorming about Interactive Notebooks and the following #Made4Math idea came out of that discussion. Ms. Marshall says “Give your students a copy of Bloom’s Question Starters to glue in their notebooks. During the year, ask them to write questions about their learning. They will refer to the question starters until they get a really strong handle of Bloom’s vocabulary.”

Blooms Taxonomy Question Starters for Math (pdf)

Blooms Taxonomy Question Starters for Math (docx)

Ms. Marshall recommends the following type of assignment:

At the close of class, ask students to write several questions about the day’s learning. They’ll put the questions on a left page (reserved for student output or processing) of their interactive notebooks.

Students can answer their questions in groups (crowdsourcing for the most popular or most important ones), for homework, or for a unit review.